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Locky Virus Ramsomware Removal

Locky Ransomware Virus Removal

Locky is a dangerous malware that was released in 2016. The virus uses social engineering to infect devices running on the Windows operating system. It is a multidimensional virus and can disguise itself while encrypting files for extortion. Locky can encrypt more than 160 types of files, and can also infect source code and databases. In this article, we take a closer look at the Lock Ransomware Virus and what you need to do to remove it from your system.

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Remove Amazon Gift Card Scam

Remove Amazon Gift Card Scam is a scam that tricks people into installing apps in return for rewards. In this article, we have discussed how the Amazon Gift Card Scam is different from traditional viruses. After reading this piece, you’ll learn how to remove Amazon Gift Card Scam.

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Vprotect Removal (What is vprotect application)

Vprotect Removal (What is Vprotect Application?)

VProt.exe is a legitimate application owned by the famous security vendor AVG. It is part of the several antivirus products launched by the AVG and is completely safe to use. However, some people have reported that the application diminished their system’s performance and seemed like a malware rather than a legitimate tool. In this article, we will discuss what VProtect is and how you can remove VProtect from your computer.

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