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Remove Amazon Gift Card Scam is a scam that tricks people into installing apps in return for rewards. In this article, we have discussed how the Amazon Gift Card Scam is different from traditional viruses. After reading this piece, you’ll learn how to remove Amazon Gift Card Scam.

Remove Amazon Gift Card Scam

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Browser Hijacker applications are software specifically developed for promoting products and services online. If you have an application like that on your browser, it’s likely that it’s on your web browser.

These applications are not limited to any one platform. You can find them on both major operating systems (Windows & iOS) and web browsers (Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.).

These applications function in a manner similar to browser extensions. However, unlike extensions, these risky applications do not benefit users. Instead, they spam users with annoying ads.

If you’re not being bombarded with ads, the applications may annoy you with constant page redirects, which ruins the overall browsing experience. Besides that, these applications can change your browser settings entirely. They can also add search engines that you don’t use, replace toolbars and meddle with your homepage.

Although browser hijackers are annoying, they are not as dangerous as real malware infections. By real malware, we mean extremely dangerous viruses, such as Spyware or Rootkits, Trojans or and Ransomware. Any applications belonging to this category have the potential to damage your computer’s data and resources. Moreover, these applications can threaten the safety of your computer.

On the other hand, browser hijackers are mainly software that disrupts your browser experience. You just have to remove the software in order to allow your computer to start functioning normally again.

Amazon Gift Card scam is similar to any browser hijacker. However, it also has certain characteristics that make it more harmful than a simple browser hijacker. The application displays deceptive pop-ups that promise non-existent prizes.

Keep in mind, it doesn’t use a singular method to deceive users. People can receive misleading scams in a variety of ways. Sometimes, they will be asked to watch video ads, complete surveys, or even install questionable programs. In return, the application promises to include them in a contest where they can win a free $1000 Amazon Gift Card.

On other occasions, people receive an attractive proposal claiming that they could win expensive prizes like the latest Samsung smartphone, an iPhone, and so on. However, in reality, the Amazon gift card and other prizes are nothing but a scam.

This way, hackers can get personal data of their victims or lure them into installing unreliable software. Once the application is installed on your computer, it will behave as a hybrid between a browser hijacker and adware. Not only will it pop alerts for these giveaways, but also bombard you with other ads.

The app has made a comeback these days, and the number of reported cases is growing by the day. In the following Amazon Gift Card Scam removal guide, we will show you how to remove the virus manually as well as methods to remove its core files.

Like most malware, the Amazon Gift Card scam uses deceptive methods to creep into your system. Cybercriminals use different methods to put the initial virus into your system.

Those behind these viruses embed them in software bundles that people install on their machines. Other times, they attach these files to corrupted links on the web, spam emails, and fake updates.

The best way to avoid these applications is with a bit of carefulness. We advise our users to display due diligence whenever they are downloading or installing anything from the internet.

Firstly, you should only install or download devices from trusted sources. If you’re downloading a software application from a random website, there’s a great chance that the website may have hidden viruses. One way to steer clear of these viruses is by choosing the custom or advanced installation methods.

Moreover, during installation an app, you should read all the terms and condition before agreeing to them. Paying a bit of attention to these steps can go a long way in protecting your computer from malicious applications.

The Amarktflow Amazon Gift Card is more bothersome than dangerous. The intrusive application can take over your web browser and disrupt your entire browsing application.

The Amarktflow Amazon Gift Card shows all the ads its developers are getting paid for. Therefore, the application tries to exploit each of your computer resources to show these ads. As a result, the performance of your operating system takes a hard hit.

After the infection of Amarktflow, your system will start to perform slowly, and your browser will start crashing more than it ever did. Besides that, you will experience connection and Internet speed issues.

The Amarktflow Amazon Gift Card scam puts you at risk of other online traps. The redirected pages may carry viruses that are harmful to your computer. Even a single moment of carelessness can land you into trouble. Therefore, you should do all you can to remove the Amarktflow browser hijacker immediately.

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Threat Summary

Name of SoftwareAmarktflow Amazon Gift Card Scam
TypeBrowser Hijacker/Adware
Danger LevelThe Amarktflow Scam encourages users to perform tasks that can expose them to excessive advertisement and also malicious viruses. The scam carries medium risk level. 
SymptomsVictims will see various ads, browser pop-ups, and page redirects that will lead them to other ads. The performance of your computer will also deterotiate a lot.
Distribution Method Browser hijackers rely on bundled software, spam emails, and corrupted links to spread to various devices.
Detection ToolAlthough the application makes no attempt to hide its presence, it can be difficult to identify every file infected with this virus. Therefore, you’ll need a sophisticated antivirus solution to root out the files infected with the Amarktflow application.TotalAV antivirus is the best tool to identify and eliminate all kinds of security threats, including browser hijackers, such as Amarktflow. The antivirus program has a powerful premium version that can remove all possible viruses from your system. You can also avail a handy free version to detect all kinds of viruses. Download the antivirus by visiting the company’s website download page.

The Amarktflow Amazon Gift Card Scam can expose your system to several security risks. Therefore, you should remove it as soon as you detect the initial signs. You can remove this browser hijacker through manual techniques. However, to remove all the traces of this application from your device, you’ll need a reliable antivirus to detect and eliminate all the threats automatically.

1. Reset Browser Settings

Since browser hijackers target your web browser to install additional extensions and display ads, you can do undo a lot of its work by resetting the web browser settings. Resetting the browser can remove additional extensions and add-ons from your web browser. Follow the instructions to reset the settings in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Google Chrome

  • Open Chrome and search for at the top-right corner of your screen. After that, select Settings to proceed. Once these settings are opened, scroll down until you find the ‘Advanced’ option, click on it.

  • In the advanced settings, you’ll find the “Reset and Clean Up” below all other options. Click on “Restore settings to their original defaults” to reset the entire web browser settings.

  • Once you’re done with the last step, a pop-up will appear to confirm your previous selection. Select “Reset Settings” to remove any additional application installed on the browser.

Mozilla Firefox

Open Mozilla Firefox and click on its main menu button (), on the top-right corner of the browser window. After the drop-down appears, select the “Help” option at the end

  • After gaining access to the Helpmenu, select on “Troubleshooting Information“. If you can’t access the Troubleshooting Information through the Help menu, type “about:support” in the browser address bar to open the Troubleshooting Information

After you access the Troubleshooting Information page, you’ll see “Refresh Firefox” upfront. Click on the option and wait for the confirmation pop-up. Select

  • Confirm” to give your permission for browser resetting.

  • After confirmation, the Firefox browser will close and go back to its default settings. After that’s done, a window will appear, listing the information that was imported. Select “Finish” to end the process.

Note: Remember that the resetting of the web browser removes any useful extensions or add-ons you have installed on your web browser. It also removes any important information saved in those add-ons.

5) Remove Infected Files

Resetting the browser only undoes the settings changed by the Amarktflow Amazon Gift Card Scam. The application’s core files are still hidden in your system. To delete these files, you will need to remove them manually.

Check the Task Bar

At first, you need to press the shortcut keys “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” simultaneously to open the taskbar. Here, you can see which programs are putting a strain on your computer resources the

most. End those processes to free up your memory by selecting them and clicking on “End Process”.

Uninstall from the Control Panel

Ending useless processes will do nothing to remove the Amarktflow application from your computer. For that, open the Control Panel by pressing “Windows Key + R” simultaneously.

This will launch the run command interface on your screen.

Search for the Amarktflow app or any application that looks suspicious. When you find such an application, take your mouse over it, right-click it and select Uninstall to remove the dubious app.

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The Amarktflow Amazon Gift Card Scam gives other viruses the opportunity to infect your system. Using manual techniques to remove the infected files will be ineffective, to say the least.

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