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Total AV Review

Total AV is considered the most advanced, yet simple to use software among all of its competitors. This review explores why Total AV is the recommended antivirus software on the market. 

Total AV Review

Total AV is considered the most advanced, yet simple to use software among all of its competitors. This review explores why Total AV is the best antivirus software on the market. 


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If you, or any of your family, is on the web or owns a mobile device, you are exposed to malicious software that could harm your device or take control of it to use it for nefarious reasons. You are also exposed to potential phishing activities in your email, or by simply clicking on a URL takes you to a phishing site. This exposes you to the potential to have your identity stolen, or even crimes committed in your name without you knowing about it. These types of crimes are on the rise and it is important to have reliable antivirus software that can protect all of your devices and give you peace of mind. This Total AV review will examine how it stacks up to other affordably priced antivirus software on the market.

Finding the right anti-virus software for your needs is sort of like finding the right lock for your front door. Locking up your computer is just like installing a security system for your home. You want one that protects all of your devices and that gives you the highest level of protection against the greatest number of threats.

According to the Total AV website, this software can protect Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Total AV offers real-time protection as you surf the web and go about your daily business in the world. The key to finding the right anti-virus software is the database that is used by the company. Total AV continually updates their anti-virus database to ensure that you are protected from a new malware threat or virus as soon as it is discovered. The name of the game in computer security is staying one step ahead of the criminals.

Total AV performed well in all of our categories. The best features were that it is easy to use and intuitive yet provides an excellent level of protection. Of course, no security program is a 100% guarantee because hackers find new tools every day, but in our tests, Total AV found threats that other software did not. This gives us confidence in its ability to keep systems safe.

You might be wondering what you get when you download Total AV. One thing we like about this package is that it includes six of the most common tools for protecting your computer, but it also has an extra. Total AV comes with a browser extension that will immediately pop up a warning if you accidentally click on a site that is questionable and could be a phishing site. This will help you prevent you from clicking on a website that may contain malicious software that will automatically download simply by clicking on the URL So what comes with the Total AV software package?

  • Real-Time Antivirus This feature is like having a security professional continually scanning for viruses. If any are located, it quarantines and eliminates them, many times without you even noticing a slowdown in your system. This is like having a sentry that protects you from adware, spyware, ransomware, Trojans, and many more threats. They continually update their database and search for new threats.

  • Scheduled ScansThis feature allows you to set a date and time you want your computer to run its antivirus scans. You can choose to run them as often as you like and you can choose the types of scans that you like to run individually. This gives you complete control over when your antivirus will check your computer for threats. This gives you an extra level of protection aside from actively scanning your computer for threats.

  • Active Blocking of Phishing URLs This safe site extension was one of the features that we liked best. This feature goes beyond ad blocking software and protects you against some of the worst threats that are out on the web. This is an extension that is enabled on all of the browsers that you use. You will have to individually put it on each of your browsers that you are currently using.

    If you have ever clicked on a site looking for one thing and arrived to find that it was completely something different, you may have been exposed to malware that automatically downloads when you click on the site. Total AV promises to protect you by warning you before you click on the site. This gives peace of mind if you spend a lot of time surfing the web, or if you have family members who do.

  • Safe Browsing (VPN) Phishers and identity thieves love harvesting information that you put on forms to register for websites. The more private and personal the information, the more enticing a target it becomes. The last thing you want is for someone to intercept information that is being transmitted between you and someone such as a banking institution, school records, or when shopping online. A virtual private network (VPN) allows you to browse anonymously and keeps the information that you put into the page a secret that is only known to you. This service is a premium service and is only available in the paid version of the software. One thing that is different about Total AV is that their VPN works on both desktop and smartphones.

  • Remote Firewall Many larger businesses have a firewall that serves as a gateway to get to their main systems. Anything coming in must first pass through the firewall. Anything suspicious will be denied access. It only lets through friendly and known sites. A physical firewall for your computer is one of the best choices for protection, but it is also expensive and you need to know how to set up a network to make it work. The remote firewall offered by Total AV works in the same way and protects your privacy by preventing unauthorized access to your private data. It is like having a physical firewall similar to what large businesses use, only it will work for your personal computer and all of the devices that you own without the expense and hassle of setting it up.

  • Performance Enhancement It is normal for your computer to slow down over time. Things that make it slow down include programs that develop errors in them, temporary files from browsing the Internet, and files that are not where they are supposed to be. This can be compared to having a cluttered and messy desk where you cannot find anything that you need to work with.

    Every so often, in order to be the most productive in your work, you need to clean off your desk, put the filing away that has built up, and generally tidy things up and put it in order. To keep your computer running at its top speed and efficiency, you need to do the same thing to it too. Total AV contains performance-enhancing features that can help clean up the clutter in your computer and get it working like new again.

In terms of the range of protections offered by Total AV and the types of devices that they protect for the price, they are above average for other security packages that are considered to be in the same class. The best thing we like about the package that they offer is that if you have different family members who work on different devices, you only need to buy one software package to cover them all. There is no need to buy a separate security system for each of the different types of devices that you own. This is not only economical, you know that you have the same protection on all of your devices. This reduces the potential for any weak links due to having inferior security software system on one of your devices. Having everything in one place is also convenient and easy to manage.

One thing that we thought made Total AV stand out from other security software was the level of security that it offers to smart phones. It does not just address your desktop but offers the same protections for your smartphone. It offers antivirus protection, a smartphone optimizer that works similar to a desktop optimizer, pin protection applications, and a safe browsing virtual private network, just the same as it offers for the desktop. In our search for effective antivirus software, these features were found in very few. This is one of the features that makes Total AV stand out from its competition. They try to offer you everything that you will ever need in one complete, low-cost package.

Another thing that makes Total AV special is that they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that they stand behind their services and expect that you will be 100% satisfied. If antivirus does not offer a 30-day moneyback guarantee, it is advisable to proceed with caution because you do not know what you get and the company is not willing to backup their word.

So far, Total AV appears to be a good value for the money. Their website has a Knowledge Base where you can quickly answer most of your questions. They also offer a responsive customer service department that offers help through email, by phone, and through live chat. In testing out software, we always call the customer service to see if they are friendly, knowledgeable, or if there are any suspicious characteristics, such as representatives who are rude. Our experience with Total AV was exceptional. Even though we asked questions that could easily be answered in the Knowledge Base, the customer service representative was helpful, cheerful, and answered our questions thoroughly and completely. Overall, it was a good experience and what we would expect from a reliable company.

So far, on the surface, Total AV seems to have all of the characteristics that would make it seem like a good software program. They offer a complete set of features for a low price and have what appears to be a very reliable customer service department. The next thing that we need to know is how well it works. The only way to understand how well it works is to download a free trial copy and see for ourselves.

In order to get the most realistic comparison possible, I first cleaned my system using another popular antivirus program that is comparable to Total AV in many respects. According to my own software, my system was running smoothly, with no virus threats detected. Everything seems to be in perfect shape. The real test will be if Total AV finds things that other software does not. I am going to take you along this journey so that you will know exactly what type of experience to expect when you click the Get Protected Now button on the website.

Downloading is easy. You simply go to the Total AV website and click on the green Download Now button.

Getting Started

The system will then ask you where you want to save your file. I always save mine in the Downloads file. Your system will then ask you if you want to save the file and allow it to make changes to your computer. You simply click “Yes” and a dialog box will pop up. This process only takes a few minutes. Next, a screen will pop up and ask you to create a password. As soon as you create the password, it will start a scan of your system.

Getting Started

While the scan completes, a short video plays explaining all of the features to you.

This video clicks through all of the features of the software and shows where things are located. If you are not familiar with how antivirus software operates, this film will make the process easy. However, even without the video, the software is easy to use. The user interface is intuitive and easy to understand.

The system scan has four different parts. It has an antivirus scan, system boost, disk cleaner, and web security scan. Each of these scan sections start immediately one after the other. You will see a running list of the files that are being scanned next to the word “Object”.

Getting Started

This took about 30 minutes to complete. The scan that comes free is not a complete system scan. A complete system scan takes much longer, up to an hour or more depending on your system. Throughout the entire process the dashboard provides you information about exactly what type of scan it is running and how long it estimates that it will take to complete. I found this to be a rather rapid process, compared to other software programs that I have tried.

Getting Started

Once the scan is complete will give you the option to purchase the full version of the software at a 70% discount. You cannot run a full system scan and access all of the features until you purchase the full system. The purchase process was quick and easy and only took about five minutes.

Getting Started

Perhaps the most surprising information that the scan provided is that even though I thought I had a clean system, this software still found a few things that needed to be taken care of. For instance, even on a supposedly clean system, I still had 9 tracking cookies.

Getting Started

It is easy to find out a little bit more information about what the scan found. All you do is click on the icon for the section that you want to examine and you can see greater details about what was found on your system.

What surprised me most was that even though I had recently cleaned my system with another antivirus software package, Total AV still found items of concern. Perhaps the most shocking result of this scan was that it found over 1,000 items that were considered junk and that were affecting the performance of my machine. Resolving these issues is a simple process of clicking on the icon and following the instructions. One of the things I liked about Total AV is that it gives you complete instructions and excellent explanations of what is on the screen. You don’t have to guess, and you do not have to be a computer expert to use the software.

This software is not intimidating to use, even for someone who is not a computer security expert. You can simply click on the items option of what to do. The buttons are easy to find and in my case, when I clicked on the yellow icon, I found that the tracking cookies from using the browser Edge. It is easy to pick up quite a few tracking cookies, especially on certain browsers websites. Although most will tell you through a pop-up that you will be allowing cookies on your system, not all of them do and have it written into their agreement that if you use your website you automatically agree to allow them to place tracking cookies. It is easy to build up quite a few more than you knew about. Total AV found cookies that the other antivirus software missed.

Getting Started

Total AV gives you complete control over what you want to do with the items that it found. Once the threats have been identified, you can choose what you want the system to do with them. 

Getting Started

If you decide that you want to delete them, all you have to do is click the option on the drop-down box and they will be gone in a flash. You can quickly enable or disable any of the features that you wish to use on your computer using the Take Action button.

Getting Started

It also found a total of 99 applications on my system. One thing I like about Total AV is that you have a choice. You can easily see what is on your system and how it is affecting the performance. Sometimes websites may install software of which we are not aware. Total AV will show you where it is, where it came from, and gives you a simple, one click choice to get rid of it. It takes the guesswork out of managing your system. Even if you are a computer expert, or a seasoned professional, the software makes it quick and easy to clean up a system. If you are someone who is not so familiar with computer security, this gives you an easy option with an intuitive interface that is easy to understand.

The system found nine startup programs that were affecting the speed of how long it took my computer to boot up. In my case, I am familiar with all of the programs that were affecting my startup speed and I chose continue to allow them to run at startup, even though there is a little bit of sacrifice in terms of startup speed. Total AV made it my choice, instead of automatically making the choice for me.

In the past, I have used the system manager that comes with Windows to perform the same task the problem with this is that the names of the files may not be obvious as to what they are and what they do. You have to understand your system very well in order to use the Windows startup manager for the same task. Total AV makes it quick and easy, even for a beginner. With Total AV all you have to do is click a button to disable any program that you do not wish to run at startup and slow down the startup process. It is all up to you.

Getting Started

Total AV also has an easy browser manager. In this section of the software you can see all of the browsers that are loaded onto your system. If there is one that is particularly annoying to you, you can simply choose it and it will be disabled. Once again, Total AV gives you the choice with the simple click of a button.

Total AV keeps your system running smooth and clean. Under the Junk Cleanup section, you can see exactly how many files you have in your system that you do not need. You know exactly what they are and how much space they are taking up. You can choose the ones that you wish to delete by clicking the checkbox beside them. All you have to do then is hit the delete button and they will be gone from your system. It is important to be extra cautious when deleting your junk cleanup file to make certain that you do not delete something that you want to keep. Once again, you can see exactly what you are about to do before you do it and Total AV gives you control of the entire process. I was surprised found that I had 11,143 cached Windows updates on my system, especially since the other software did not catch them.

Getting Started

You can easily enable your virtual private network under the safe browsing tab. You simply choose your location and Total AV does the rest. As you can see, Total AV will work all around the world. You should choose the location that is closest to you. For instance, even though it only offers a choice were US East, you should still choose this if you are anywhere in the United States or North America. Likewise, if you are anywhere in South America, you should choose the Argentina choice.

Getting Started

Total AV also has a special arrangement to offer Experian Identity Protection as an additional service. It offers you a simple way to purchase credit monitoring and other experiences credit monitoring and other services offered by Experian. This gives you double protection, in addition to computer security.

Getting Started

Another feature that we liked about Total AV is that it has an easy to manage firewall. You simply set lacked the level of protection that you wish and the software does the rest. This is like having your own professional firewall that you can sit behind. Having a firewall is like having a city wall that intruders must come through before they can get to you. Total AV allows you to do this without the hassle and expense of setting up a physical hardware firewall.

Getting Started

Total AV has more than the standard features offered by many similar security packages. It also has ad Block Pro, which in my experience, works better than the Ad Block Plus that I already had on my system. Total AV’s ad blocker really works and keeps a majority of the ads from showing up at all. This gives you a much better and more pleasant browsing experience than being interrupted every few seconds by a pesky advertisement.

Total AV also offers a password vault that keeps your password safe and hidden from sight. You can protect all your passwords by creating a master password for all of the sites that you visit. This means that your standpoint, you only have to remember one password, but they are sitting behind your firewall so no one from the outside can get to them.

Overall, the experience with Total AV was a positive one. It has all of the features that we would expect within more expensive security software program. One of our favorite things about the program is that it was easy to use and understand, even if you are not a computer expert.

The interface is easy to understand and has large icons that are easy to understand in terms of what they do. One of the features that we liked about this program is that it provides plenty of instruction and explanations along the way to help you make decisions. The one click operation of the software makes it simple and uncomplicated for the average user.

In terms of how it worked, we were impressed that it caught things that the other software did not. Even after cleaning the system with the other software, Total AV still found some things that needed to be taken care of. Although it did not find any major threats in my case, if it had, the software would take care of them by quarantining them until you could make the decision about what to do with them.

As far as the downsides are concerned, we really could not find any. After running Total AV, a real difference in computer speed was experienced. It seemed like websites loaded faster, and software was just more responsive.

Total AV continually updates their virus formulas and actively scans your system for threats. This is one thing that we like. It is unlikely that malware or other types of harmful viruses could invade your computer without being detected by Total AV. It is important to keep up-to-date the latest virus definitions if you want to keep your system safe. Total AV is one of the most up-to-date databases in terms of threats that emerge throughout the world. Another thing we like is that Total AV works seamlessly in the background without slowing your system down.

We like the fact that Total AV gives you total control of how you want to manage your machine. Yet, it does it in a way that makes it easy to understand and gives you the confidence to be able to manage your system and keep it running the way that you want it to run every day.

Perhaps the best feature about Total AV is that you can protect all of your devices with this simple to use software program. There is no guesswork and you can have the whole family protected with one price and using only one set of software. This software takes the mystery out of protecting your devices. This is why it is considered some the most advanced, yet simple to use software among all of its competitors. It is also my recommended choice.

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