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How to Uninstall Covenant Eyes

The internet has changed our everyday lives. From global news to information, everything is available at one’s finger tips. While the Internet has benefitted us in many ways, many people misuse this medium by spreading malware and swindling money from innocent victims.

How to uninstall (remove) Covenant Eyes

Coupled with this, the internet can be an unsafe place for children. It is full of violent videos, fake news, and adult content, which is why parents must keep a close eye on their children’s online activities.

Many people use parental control applications to monitor their kids’ online browsing activities. However, some of these applications can expose your child’s device to harmful malware.

Covenant Eyes is a software designed for monitoring online activity. Therefore, it helps parents keep a check on their children’s browsing activities.

While the application is legitimate and available online, it has the same problems that we discussed earlier. It can be easily installed on Windows operating systems and keeps track of all passwords on the system software and browser.

Although Covenant Eyes may appear useful, its keylogging function collects private information and then shares it with third parties. Keylogging can corrupt your operating system and browser and can be exploited by cybercriminals to generate revenue.

In this article, we will discuss how to uninstall Covenant Eyes from your child’s computer.

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Although you can start using Covenant Eyes to filter the online search results of your child’s system, the application can extend its reach to their device’s operating system. As a result, it displays pop-up ads. Furthermore, it has the ability to corrupt search results by redirecting your child to harmful websites where malware can enter the computer.

This is why many security experts consider Covenant Eyes a malicious application. In most cases, it acts as an adware corrupting how the browser works. Another feature, which makes the application malicious, is that it tracks user personal information;monitors search queries, geolocation, browsing history; and inputs from the keyboard and mouse.

Furthermore, the application displays sponsored ads and constantly redirects users to harmful domains. Therefore, it is important for parents to remove and uninstall Covenant Eyes from the devices of their children.

The Covenant Eyes application can trick you into believing it is a legit parental control application. Once you install the software and give it access to critical operations, the application will embed itself deeply into your system by using drivers. As a result, uninstalling the application through traditional means is impossible.

Furthermore, Covenant Eyes copies an executable file labeled CovenantEyes.exe to the hard disk. It then creates a new startup key, also named as name Covenant Eyes, to allow users to open CovenantEyes.exe. Additionally, it creates a folder in the system drive folder C:\Program Files\ under the name CovenantEyes.

For logging activity on web filtering websites, it installs a network filter and adds it to the Windows network stack. The application then performs checks using Sysinternals Autoruns for its files installed under WinSock in the system registry. As a result, the operating system uses this registry path to perform all WinSock-related network calls.

Although creating adaptable files in Window’s user mode is legal and ethical, users cannot see this explicitly. We advise our readers to display caution while downloading exe file from the internet. These files are often bundled with viruses, and they can infect your computer as soon as you install them. Covenant Eyes can become a gateway for such files. Therefore, we would recommend you to remove Covenant Eyes from your computer.

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Threat Summary

Name of SoftwareCovenant Eyes
Type of VirusAdware/Phishing tool/Potentially Unwanted Program
Level of Danger

The dangers related to this application are medium to high. Covenant Eyes collects personal information and sells it to advertisers and other third parties. Plus, its key-logging functions enables it to record log-in information and in worse cases, someone’s banking credentials. Both of these factors can result in identity theft and financial loss of money if hackers get hold of this information from the website.

Its restriction of certain applications can have an effect on the performance of the device. Furthermore, its unwarranted display of sponsored ads can lead children into opening harmful websites that can install malware on their systems.

Symptoms of the Virus

Covenant Eyes will cause your web browser to restrict access to certain websites. It can also degrade the performance of the operating system, so many applications will lag. You will also see a constant stream of sponsored ads, which appear in the form of pop-up notifications.

In worst cases, you may witness unauthorized posts on your child’s social accounts and unauthorized online purchases.

Distribution MethodUsually, the Covenant Eyes application markets itself as a legitimate application for parental usage. Therefore, parents install the software manually through its original website.
Detection Tool

Covenant Eyes attributes itself to system applications and drivers. Therefore, it isn’t easy to remove the application through traditional methods. Users will need a powerful antimalware application to remove Covenant Eyes.

In our opinion, TotalAV is the best tool for removing Covenant Eyes.

TotalAV prevents unwanted programs and viruses from infecting your computer. If these programs already exist on your computer, TotalAV will eliminate them from the system and delete their core files.

Download the antivirus solution by visiting the company’s website download page.

Covenant Eyes Virus can expose you to several other viruses, besides stealing your information and degrading the performance of the computer. We would advise our readers to remove Covenant Eyes immediately from their computers. Follow the guide below to remove Covenant Eyes and install TotalAV on your computer.

Step #1

First off, open your web browser, type “TotalAV download” in the address bar, and hit Enter. After that, click on TotalAV’s official website in the search results. Download the free version of the application by clicking on “Download Now.”

Step #2

Select the “Install” button on the resulting window and choose ‘Yes’ when the operating system asks for your permission. After that, wait until the installation process is completed.

Step #3

After you install the antivirus successfully, you need to restart the computer in Safe Mode. Running the computer in Safe Mode allows the computer to run on minimal resources. This makes it easier for users to remove all existing problems without interruption.

Safe Mode prevents start-up programs; corrupt hardware drivers; and malware programs and facilitates malware removal. The following method shows how you can restart your device in Safe Mode in Windows 10:

  1. Open the run command interface by pressing “Windows Key + R” simultaneously. After that, type “msconfig” to open settings.

2. Once the system configuration is open, click on the Boot option available in the top section of the window.

3. After that, select the checkbox beside the label “Safe Boot,” click on “Apply” and select OK.

4. Once you select the Safe Boot option, a System Configuration window will pop up to ask your permission for restarting the device. Choose “Restart” and wait until the computer turns back on.


Step #4

After the operating system turns back on, open TotalAV and choose “Antivirus” on the left panel of the TotalAV window. Then, search for the “System Scan”, select it and click on the System Scan icon. This will start a system scan for virus detection in your computer.

Step #5

Understandably, the application will take some time since it has to detect every threat in your operating system. You can wait while the antivirus detects and removes all vulnerabilities from your operating system.

Step #6

After the scan is done, all viruses will be removed from your computer. However, some Trojan viruses can survive and end up in the “Quarantine” section. Remove the virus by selecting the white checkbox on top of all other checkboxes and select the “Delete” option to remove all the remaining malware files.

Step #7

Since Covenant Eyes can make unwarranted changes to your web browser, it is important to reset your browser settings. Doing so will remove any additional changes implemented by the application. The following method instructs how to remove Covenant Eyes from Microsoft Edge. Just follow the steps below to reset the web browser:

  1. To reset your Microsoft Edge browser, first of all, you need to click on the icon present at the right corner of the browser screen. After that, select Settingsfrom the resulting drop-down list.
    Alternatively, you can type “edge://settings/” in the address bar and hit Enter to open the settings.

2. After opening the settings, select the ‘Reset Settings’option from this list.

3. Consequently, you will have to click on “Restore settings to their default values” and then select “Reset Settings” to confirm the action.

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Covenant Eyes Virus is an unwanted application that can act like a phishing tool in the guise of parental control software. It degrades the performance of computers and steals user information, such as browsing data through various phishing techniques. It can also gain access to a user’s confidential information, such as their banking credentials and passwords to social media sites, in worst cases.

On top of all this, the virus can also become a gateway for other harmful viruses because its ads lead to unsafe websites. Removing the application through manual techniques is extremely difficult since it requires administrative rights. The only way to get rid of Covenant Eyes comprehensively is to install a powerful antivirus, such as TotalAV.

TotalAV will detect its hidden components from your system and delete all its core files. Buying TotalAV will ensure that you remain safe from all dangerous viruses in the future. Don’t waste your time and get TotalAV antivirus today.

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How to Uninstall Covenant Eyes

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