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Idle Buddy Virus Removal

Idle Buddy is a malware that has the potential to damage your computer. Users typically get familiar with the virus’s presence in their operating system after discovering its main file in either C:\Program Files (x86) or C:\Program Files folders. The virus also has an executable file named as ibservice.exe, which you can see in the Task Manager.

Idle Buddy Virus Removal

The Idle Buddy virus can harm your computer and degrade its performance levels to extreme lows. Moreover, it also poses a significant threat to your privacy and the safety of your sensitive information. In this article, we will discuss how to remove Idle Buddy from your computer and improve the security of the operating system.

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Essentially, Idle Buddy Virus is a Trojan virus. Trojan viruses (also known as Trojan Horses) present themselves as normal programs but act maliciously in the background. Idle Buddy follows a similar pattern and can degrade your system’s performance to achieve its purpose.

In recent years, we have observed a rise in the demand for cryptocurrencies. These digital currencies are now becoming more popular than ever, and people are ready to pay large sums of money to acquire them. As a result, developers use all their resources to increase the production of cryptocurrencies.

However, the mining of cryptocurrencies requires a large amount of computing power, and these resources are not enough. Consequently, some miners use illegitimate means to acquire sufficient computing power. Viruses like Idle Buddy are the culmination of attempts to hijack the computing resources of unsuspecting users for mining digital currencies. Most commonly, the virus is used to mine cryptocurrencies, such a Bitcoin, Dash, and Monero.

The developers of this virus introduced the program to operating systems via social engineering techniques. After the virus establishes itself on the operating system, it uses a computer as a distributed node to compute complex mathematical problems.

In cyber security circles, these kinds of attacks are known as cryptojacking attacks. These attacks don’t target individual users. Instead, the developers send the virus to multiple users at once and then exploit their computers to mine cryptocurrency for themselves.

Since the victim’s computer is trying to utilize every available resource to process highly complex problems, it has limited resources available for the owner themselves. As a result, the computer’s performance declines dramatically, and it even struggles to perform simple tasks like running the web browser.

Although the program causing all of this is a virus, the security mechanism of the system fails to detect it. Because the virus is a Trojan, it is able to conceal itself and work as system software in the operating system.

If Idle Buddy has infected your computer, a lagging computer would not be your only concern. The virus is designed to exploit devices and can burden the victim’s device with resource-intensive tasks. If the computing unit has to process heavy processing tasks on a regular basis, it can cause irreversible damage to the device.

Furthermore, the program can become a serious threat to your privacy. Idle Buddy has been known to collect information about its victims and their computers. These spyware features allow criminals to steal sensitive information from your device and then make money from it.

It is not uncommon for cybercriminals to acquire credit card information, login credentials, and passwords through various phishing features. These criminals then use this information to swindle money from you directly or sell your information to third or external parties.

Additionally, the virus can use the ibservice.exe program to open backdoors for infamous ransomware viruses. These viruses are highly dangerous, and some of them can lock your computer to extort money from you.

Nowadays, criminals use advanced social engineering and phishing techniques to infect devices with malware. They trick users into downloading the virus manually. They present the virus as a legitimate service and then infect systems with it. Most commonly, cybercriminals embed the seed files for Idle Buddy in cracked versions of legitimate software. You can also get infected if you use a free online service.

Many people prefer installing cracked applications instead of buying legitimate products. This might help them use a product for free but simultaneously exposes them to a wide array of viruses. People think they are downloading free versions of legitimate software but install malware-laden applications instead.

Similarly, people using Peer-to-Peer file sharing networks often become victims of these viruses. These people not only break the law by acquiring content through illegal means, but also expose themselves to harmful viruses.

We would advise our readers to avoid using shady websites and ignore programs that excessively brand themselves as ‘FREE’ services. Ideally, you should download applications only from authorized distributors or official pages. In case your machine is lagging because of a virus, install a credible antivirus solution to eliminate that program from your computer.

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Threat Summary

Name of SoftwareIdle Buddy Virus
TypeTrojan/Cryptojacking software/Phishing application
Danger LevelIdle Buddy is a highly dangerous virus that can damage your computer and leak confidential information.


SymptomsOne of the most apparent symptoms of the Idle Buddy Virus is that your device will lag from time to time. Sometimes, it will even fail to perform simple tasks, such as opening the file explorer. However, these symptoms can be attributed to a number of issues with the computer’s hardware. Therefore, you will need a stringent antivirus application to detect the presence of this Trojan application.
Distribution MethodFree services, cracked software, and shady websites.
Detection ToolTotalAV antivirus is the best tool to detect the Idle Buddy Virus efficiently. It has the ability to detect cunning Trojan viruses before they infect your computer and stop them before they can harm your device.

Download the antivirus solution by visiting the company’s website download page.

Idle Buddy can expose you to several other viruses, besides stealing your information and damaging your computer hardware. We advise our readers to not waste time in removing the Idle Buddy Virus from their machines. You can follow the guide below to remove this virus.

1. Install the Total AV Antivirus

When it comes to detecting advanced Trojan viruses, TotalAV software is one of the best antivirus solutions out there. So, installing it is necessary for removing the Idle Buddy Virus from your computer.

Antivirus download page

Step #1

First of all, open your web browser, type “TotalAV download” in the address bar, and hit Enter. After that, click on TotalAV’s official website in the search results. Download the free version of the application clicking on “Download Now.”

Step #2

Select the “Install” button on the resulting window and choose ‘Yes’ when the operating system asks for your permission. After that, wait until the installation process completes.

Antivirus installation

Step #3

After you have installed the antivirus successfully, you need to restart the computer in Safe Mode. Running the computer in Safe Mode allows the computer to run on minimal resources. This makes it easier for users to remove all existing problems without interruption.

Safe Mode prevents start-up programs; corrupt hardware drivers; and malware programs and facilitates malware removal. The following method instructs how you can restart your device in Safe Mode in Windows 10:

  • Open the run command interface by pressing “Windows Key + R” simultaneously. After that, type “msconfig” to open settings.
  • Once the system configuration opens, click on the Boot option available in the top section of the window.

Boot option

  • After that, select the checkbox beside the label “Safe Boot,” click on “Apply” and select OK.

  • Once you select the Safe Boot option, a System Configuration window will pop up to ask permission for restarting the device. Choose “Restart” and wait until the computer turns back on.

Step #4

After the system reboots successfully, simply press short cut keys “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” simultaneously. This will open the taskbar where you can see which programs are

  • putting a strain on your system memory. As a result, you will identify all programs that are causing your system to lag.

  • Just click on the Detailstab if you are using Windows 8 or 10 or the Processes tab if you’re using Windows 7. Since a suspicious application might be running multiple processes in the background; it’s important to shut down each task. Select individual processes and then press End Process.

Step #5

After cleaning your taskbar of resource-intensive tasks, it’s time to open TotalAV to eliminate all viruses present on your computer. After the antivirus opens, choose the “Antivirus” on the left panel of the TotalAV window. Then search for the “System Scan”; select it and click on the System Scan icon. This will start a system scan for virus detection in your computer.

Step #6

Understandably, the application will take some time since it has to detect every threat in your operating system. You can wait while the antivirus detects and removes all vulnerabilities in your operating system.

Step #7

After the scan is completed, all viruses will be removed from your computer. However, sneaky Trojan viruses like Idle Buddy Virus can survive and end up in the “Quarantine” section. Remove the virus by selecting the white checkbox on top of all other checkboxes and select the “Delete” option to remove all remaining malware files.

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Idle Buddy is a polymorphous virus that can degrade the performance of your computer by running complex mathematical algorithms. In worst cases, it can cause irreversible damage to its hardware.

Moreover, Idle Buddy also has the ability to steal information, such as your browsing data through various phishing techniques. It can also get access to sensitive information, such as your banking credentials and passwords to social media sites.

This leaked information is then sold to other parties who use it to steal money from you and use your social media accounts for identity theft.

On top of all this, the virus can also become a gateway for other harmful viruses that can endanger your security even more. The only way to get rid of this virus is to install a powerful antivirus such as TotalAV.

TotalAV will first limit the virus into the Quarantine section and then delete all its core files in your system. Buying TotalAV will ensure that you remain safe from all dangerous viruses in the future. Don’t waste your time and get TotalAV antivirus today.

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