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Keystroke Logging

Keystroke logging can lead to identity theft. A good antivirus protection program, such as TotalAV, is the best defense for keeping your system safe.

keystroke logging

Keystroke logging, sometimes called keyboard capturing, uses software to record every key that is struck on your keyboard. This is usually done secretly so that you do not know that you are being recorded. Everything that you type can later be read by the person who has the software. Hackers often use keystroke loggers that are downloaded from malicious websites onto your computer system. This means that when you type in your passwords, or other personal information, they can retrieve it.

The best protection against keystroke logging is an antivirus program, such as TotalAV, to stop keystroke loggers before they can be downloaded onto your system. Let’s explore this topic a little more.

Keystroke Logger Basics

At first, it may seem as if a keystroke logger is always a bad thing. However, the technology was first developed so that employers could monitor the activities of employees. The software is common, inexpensive, and easy to obtain. The most typical way to accidentally download a malicious keystroke logger from a hacker is by clicking on a website. In some cases, you may click on a website that looks legitimate, but it will quickly redirect you to another site. If you see this happening, the first thing you should do is to close your browser as quickly as possible.

Once you reach the malicious site, keystroke loggers can be downloaded onto your system quickly because they do not involve complicated code. Sometimes, keystroke loggers are hidden in links that are sent through phishing email. It is also a good idea to make certain that any software you intend to download is from a reputable site. At times, keystroke loggers will be hidden in code for an app or program that you download from the Internet. Many times, these programs, emails, and websites can appear to be innocent, and you may not even be aware anything was downloaded to your system at all.

There are two types of keystroke loggers available. Hardware keystroke loggers are typically used by employers and are installed on the office systems directly. You will not be likely to encounter this type of keystroke logger on your home system. The second type if a software keystroke logger. This is the type that you may accidentally download from the Internet.

How to Protect Yourself

The first step in protecting yourself from keystroke loggers is to be careful about the places you visit and things that you download from the Internet. The second is to have good antivirus software that will block any malicious code that tries to download onto your system. Even with these two levels of protection, it is still possible for software to get through by piggybacking onto something that you give permission to download.

In today’s world, having several layers of protection is always the best choice for avoiding malicious attacks of any kind, including keystroke loggers. An antivirus program serves as a gateway from the Internet to your computer. However, if you do not keep the antivirus software updated, it is still easy for something to get through. It is important to keep your antivirus software updated with the most recent virus definitions. One thing that we like about TotalAV is that you can set it to automatically update on a regular basis. With this option, you will never have to worry about whether your antivirus software is up to date.

Why Total AV for Protection?

TotalAV is a hassle-free way to keep your computer safe from keystroke loggers and other threats. The software comes in a free and a paid version. Of course, you get a few more features with the paid version, but the free version still offers basic protection. It also includes protection against phishing, disk cleanup tool, and a tune-up tool. Here are some of features that TotalAV has to offer.

When you first install TotalAV, it will run an antivirus scan on your system. This will let you know if you already have a keystroke logger that you did not know about. If one is detected, TotalAV will allow you to remove it with just a few clicks of the mouse. The antivirus program makes the process simple and quick.

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“A good antivirus program like TotalAV should offer real-time protection of your device against malicious attacks.”

Steve Ongaro

Cyber-Security and VPN Expert

A Final Word on Keeping Safe

Keystroke logging is one of the scariest parts of being on the Internet. If a hacker happens to get your passwords, bank account information, credit card information, and anything else that you put out onto the Internet as you go about your daily business, they have enough information to do damage quickly. Untangling the legal consequences that identity theft creates can take years. In addition, sometimes the hackers do not use the information for up to a year. This is why it is a good idea to change your passwords often and use a reliable antivirus program to keep you safe.

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