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What Is A Firewall?

While many of us would agree that the Internet is something that we can no longer live without in our lives, it also poses a certain number of risks.

Hackers are out there actively trying to break into your system and steal your personal information, just as they would try to break into your house or car. Having a good firewall is no longer an option, it is a necessity that is just as important as having good locks on your door.

what is firewall

How Does A Firewall Work?

When one computer wishes to connect with another, it performs what is called a TCP handshake, or TCP socket. This is a three-way handshake that works a similar to introducing yourself to someone new on the street. Every time you make an Internet connection, this process happens at lightning speed in the background and you never even notice it. It works like this.

Let’s consider your computer to be the client and the server for the website you wish to visit the target. Your computer, the client, sends what is known as a SYN data packet over IP network (Internet). This packet will ask the external network of it is open for new connections. For the connection to be made, the larger server, such as the one at your Internet provider, must have an open port that can accept a new connection.

Once the larger server receives the SYN packet, it will send back the answer in the form of an ACK packet. Your computer receives the ACK packet and the connection is made. Once this connection is made, the Internet website will pop up on your screen and you can use it.

How Does A Firewall Work?

When a hacker wants to invade your computer or intercept information that you are transferring over the Internet, the hacker’s computer acts as the client and your computer acts as the target. The hacker initiates a request to connect to your computer. Without a firewall, your computer will allow the connection and in danger system and private information.

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Dana edwards

It is also important that the AntiVirus software provide some kind of additional protections beyond just a large frequently updated signature database, such as Firewall protection, browser vulnerability protections, and some capacity to defend against and detect Zero day attacks.

Dana Edwards

Cyber-Security and Distributed Ledger Researcher

A firewall is a set of rules that determine whether or not a connection from the other computer is allowed. Unless the packet meets the criteria for making a connection, the firewall will not allow it to establish a connection. The firewall serves as a gatekeeper to keep those who do not have the proper set of ID out your computer.

Choosing Compatible Firewall

With a good quality Firewall and antivirus removal software, there is little chance that a hacker will get into your system before the connection is shut down by the kill switch, but it does not hurt to have an extra layer of protection. Many people will choose to use an antivirus removal software and an additional firewall. 

For instance, if you have Windows defender firewall, you can enable it to allow the chosen antivirus removal software to access the Internet by going into your Control Panel and selecting Systems and Security. Here you will find the Windows Defender Firewall. Simply click on this tab and you will see an area where you can allow firewall exceptions. 

Choosing Compatible Firewall

Please note that the procedures for enabling a firewall to allow an antivirus removal software will be different for all of your devices and for different types of systems. This is just an example of how easy it is to do.

The bottom line is that you can never go too far in protecting your system from hackers. However, there is a balance. You want to be able to protect your system to the maximum extent without compromising your systems usability, speed, or functionality. Having both a antivirus removal software and firewall is like having a double set of locks on your door.

You also need to make sure that both of them are compatible and that neither one of them will slow down your Internet connection. Being on the Internet without an antivirus removal software and firewall is like leaving your house with all of the doors standing wide open. You would never do that, so you should never surf the Internet or stream videos without having your protection enabled. There are many options available for protecting your system effectively and efficiently. We recommend Total AV and a firewall.

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