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Zeus Virus Detected Alert Scam Removal

Zeus Virus Detected is a dangerous Trojan virus that can infiltrate your system under the guise of a Windows program. The virus issues a fake alert that warns users that they are at risk of being affected by the ‘Zeus Virus.’

Zeus Virus Detected Alert Scam Removal

Trojan horses are some of the most common viruses on the web, and you can find them in abundance on a number of malicious websites. These viruses usually redirect people to various ads and also open ways for other potentially unwanted programs (PUPs).

However, these viruses can also inflict further damage to victims by collecting their sensitive data. They can leak confidential information, such as user banking credentials and passwords, thereby resulting in heavy financial losses. What makes these viruses especially dangerous is how they remain undetected for a significant amount of time. They work in the background and rarely show their presence until they get what they need: your money.

Zeus Virus Detected is no different than typical Trojan viruses. Here we will talk about how you can remove Zeus Virus Detected Alert Scam from your computer.

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Zeus Virus Detected usually comes through a malicious website that warns users about a possible infiltration from it. The message continues on to claim that the virus is extremely dangerous, and that users’ sensitive information would be exposed if they don’t take appropriate action.

Being a Trojan, Zeus Virus Detected poses as another program. It presents itself as a web extension of Windows Defender, the program responsible for maintaining security in Windows operating systems.


The application also shows a message from Microsoft’s Technical Department. The message further encourages a user to contact them on a toll-free number (8888-219-2558) and follow instructions to remove the virus from their computer system. Thinking that the message is from Microsoft, many victims follow the instructions issued by this scam. As a result, their systems get infected by the strong virus.

The “Zeus Virus Detected Alert” is not the first of its kind. Many similar scams have occurred in the past that tricked users into performing some action through fake error messages. For example, scams like Google Security Warning and Call Microsoft Support extort money from people.

As a user, you should remember that Microsoft, Windows, Google, and other services don’t send alerts in this manner. So, whenever you see messages like these in your browser, it’s likely that these messages are from a scammer.


The best way to avoid these scams and protect yourself is to use legitimate websites. Whenever you see any advertisement that encourages you to click a button, avoid going through with the instruction, and just close the tab.

We advise our users to remain cautious when they are browsing the internet, especially when they are installing or downloading software online. It’s important to pay close attention to the installation process and analyze each step. Users should generally avoid installing additional add-ons and using third-party installers.

Though the application generally serves as a medium for redirecting users to ads, it can also be used for far more nefarious purposes. Some of these security risks are listed below:

System Annihilation

Trojan horses, such as Zeus Virus Detected Alert are renowned for working quietly in the background and chipping away important files in your system. These viruses tamper files, erase hard-drives, and delete entire folders. This not only affects the performance of your system, but can also make the whole system unusable.


The virus can be used to install phishing programs that log user information through different methods. Scammers often use keyboard logging and form grabbing to get a hold of confidential information of users, such as their passwords, private information, and even banking credentials.

Besides that, the scammers can gain access to your desktop view and see what you’re viewing on the screen. In worst cases, they can hijack your webcam and monitor what you are doing.


Viruses like Zeus also hijack computer resources to gain revenue for its developers. By hijacking your computer, they force your machine to work for them and help them process information. Hijackers use these techniques to mine cryptocurrency, a phenomenon known as cryptojacking.

Further virus infestations

Trojan viruses such as Zeus are known for starting a chain of other infections. Even a small virus can become a gateway for far more harmful programs. Some Trojan viruses can even install Ransomware.

Ransomware hijack and bar allow access user accounts, computer systems, websites, and software. After gaining control of these properties, these applications then demand ransom for regaining access.

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Threat Summary


Note: A malware detection tool helps detect malware inside your device. It can save hours of your time by finding the existing malware almost immediately. However, it’s a good idea to take a look at the threat detection criteria, EULA, and privacy policy of the tool before downloading it.

The Zeus Virus Detected alert can put your system at several security risks, so we’ll recommend getting rid of it as soon as you detect initial signs. However, detecting the virus is the main issue here. Since it is a Trojan virus and perforates your system while pretending to be a system program, it’s tricky to determine which program is the wolf among sheep.

Traditional virus detection methods, such as going through the taskbar and Control Panel won’t help unless you have a thorough understanding of which application is a potential virus. Therefore, the only impactful way of tackling the virus is through the following methods:

1) Reset Browser Settings

The web browser is one the first things the Zeus Virus Detected scam can infiltrate. However, you can disinfect your browser by resetting all its previous settings.

Resetting the browser is a useful option because it removes malicious elements of the virus. Moreover, it deletes any additional viruses that Zeus allowed into your system. Just follow the steps below to remove the Zeus Virus Detected malware from your web browser.

Step #1

Open the Google Chrome browser and look for the icon at the top-right corner of the browser screen. When you click this option, you will see a list of other options, select Settings to change the browser settings. Once the settings are open, scroll down, and click the ‘Advanced’ option at the bottom of the screen.


Step #2

After opening the advanced settings of your browser, scroll down to the “Reset and Clean Up” option at the bottom. There, you will see “Restore settings to their original defaults”, which you need to click.

Step #3

After completing the last step, you will see a pop-up that asks you if you want to reset your settings. Just click on the “Reset Settings” option to remove additional applications from the browser.

Note: Resetting your web browser will also remove any other useful extensions you have saved on your web browser. This will also delete important information saved in those extensions.

2) Install a Full-Fledged Antivirus

As we have discussed before, detecting a Trojan virus like Zeus Virus Detected is not an easy task. You can’t detect the real virus and all of its subsidiary malware on your own.

Besides that, these viruses tend to sneak into system files and attach themselves to critical folders. Therefore, you need a powerful antivirus solution to remove such viruses from your system.

We recommend our readers to use the TotalAV antivirus program. You can utilize its free 7-day trial to remove viruses from your system. However, buying the service is better as it would safeguard your system from potential attacks in the future.

Step #1

Visit the TotalAV antivirus’ website for downloading the application set-up on your computer.

Step #2

After you have downloaded the file, click on it to begin the installation process.

Step #3

Allow the system to continue with the installation process by selecting ‘Yes.’ Once the application has been installed, restart the computer.

Step #4

After the system is back on, open the TotalAV antivirus, and choose the Antivirus option.

Step #5

Select “System Scan” and click on the System Scan icon to flush out all the viruses present on your system.

Step #6

Understandably, the program will take some time considering that it has to analyze each file present on your system. You will have to wait until TotalAV detects every virus in your computer. After the system is done with the scan, review the recommendations suggested by TotalAV, and follow those instructions.

Step #7

Allow the antivirus to ‘Take Action’ against the viruses it has found on your system. Besides that, it will compile a list of all doubtful files. You can view these files in the “Quarantine” section. Remove any harmful files you find by clicking on the “Delete“ option on the screen.


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Zeus Virus Detected is an extremely harmful virus as it exposes a system to a number of different security threats. Users can become a victim of privacy issues, financial losses, identity theft, and several more issues. Therefore, swift action is recommended. The best way to get rid of this harmful software is to remove it with a powerful antivirus, such as TotalAV. The antivirus will delete all core files of this malicious program and ensure long-time safety for its users.

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