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Zeus Virus Detected Alert Scam Removal

Zeus Virus Detected Alert Scam Removal

Zeus Virus Detected is a dangerous Trojan virus that can infiltrate your system under the guise of a Windows program. The virus issues a fake alert that warns users that they are at risk of being affected by the ‘Zeus Virus.’

Critical Chrome Update Scam “Virus” Removal

Critical Chrome Update Scam “Virus” Removal

Scammers often try to portray themselves as legitimate individuals for tricking people and infecting their devices with malware, adware, and other harmful software. One of such dangerous virus is Critical Chrome Update. The Critical Chrome Update scam disguises itself as the world-famous web browser, Google Chrome.



The internet has become a necessity in today’s world. Most people depend on it to carry out their daily tasks. Therefore, they get frustrated when the internet stops working suddenly. One of the most common errors that lead to this problem is the Err_Name_Resolution_Failed error.

Chive App “Virus” Pop-up Android Removal

Chive App “Virus” Pop-up Android Removal

Most people avoid seeing advertisements as much as they can. Some ads not only waste time but are also extremely annoying. Regardless of whether they are offline or online, most of us want to stay away from them. This happens most frequently when we use free applications that may seem harmless at the start, but spam us with endless advertisements later. The Chive App is no different than any other kind of ‘free’ application we encounter in our daily lives.

How to Remove Chromium Virus

How to remove Chromium Browser Virus

Chromium is a web browser. As long as you installed it yourself, there is nothing to worry about. However, unbeknownst to a lot of non-tech-savvy users, there is a dangerous virus that brands itself with the same name. You might think it as a harmless browser, but it is a malware that can harm your data and PC.

Uninstall Fake Amazon Assistant Virus

Uninstall Fake Amazon Assistant “Virus”

Malware experts report that the Amazon Assistant app virus is still roaming on the web. The virus pretends to be a legitimate browser extension by Amazon. But in reality, the software is a PUP (potentially unwanted program) that will try to interfere with your device without your consent.