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What Is A Firewall?

what is firewall

What Is A Firewall? January 23, 2019 While many of us would agree that the Internet is something that we can no longer live without in our lives, it also poses a certain number of risks. Hackers are out there actively trying to break into your system and steal your personal information, just as they … Read more

Avast Review


Avast Secureline VPN is part of a suite of security products offered by Avast to keep you safe online. It is a top-pick when it comes to keeping your data safe.

Interview With Dana Edwards

Dana Edwards

Interview With Dana Edwards January 23, 2019 About Dana Dana Edwards is a Cybersecurity expert and distributed ledger technology researcher with over 20 years of experience in IT. Born and raised in Boston Massachusetts, he obtained a Bachelors degree in Ethics, Social & Political Philosophy from the University of Massachusetts.  After obtaining his Masters degree … Read more

Keystroke Logging

keystroke logging

Keystroke Logging January 23, 2019 Keystroke logging can lead to identity theft. A good antivirus protection program, such as TotalAV, is the best defense for keeping your system safe. Keystroke logging, sometimes called keyboard capturing, uses software to record every key that is struck on your keyboard. This is usually done secretly so that you … Read more

Bullguard Antivirus Review


The internet has been raving about Bullguard antivirus since its latest edition was released just a few weeks ago, but there’s a lot that’s probably not being taken into consideration. In this post, we’ll be telling you all about Bullguard’s latest malware protection solution for Windows, and how effective it really is against viruses and malicious software.

Kaspersky Review


Kaspersky Antivirus is considered one of the most reliable antivirus solutions in the market. It does lack some bonus features other antivirus solutions have. However, its next-generation virus protection speaks for itself.

Interview With Steve Ongaro

Interview With Steve Ongaro January 23, 2019 About Steve Steve is an antivirus expert with a unique ability to combine his technical knowledge and effective written communication techniques. He is a reliable and dedicated professional writer with years of experience in the field. Moreover, Steve has amassed a distinguished and proven track record of expertise … Read more

Creating Strong Passwords

Creating a strong password

Creating Strong Passwords January 23, 2019 Every day, it seems like you read another new story about a big data breach where millions of identities were stolen. If you have not been one of them, you are lucky.  Online security should be everyone’s top concern, whether you use the Internet for work or for play. … Read more