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Total AV Review


Total AV is considered the most advanced, yet simple to use software among all of its competitors. This review explores why Total AV is the best antivirus software on the market.

Do Android Devices Need Antivirus Software?

what is firewall

By now, we’re sure that you’re already familiar with the countless different types of software and methods crooks use to compromise your data. From malware that has the potential to encrypt your data leaving it completely useless, to hackers living off of private and confidential data of unsuspecting users, it’s truly no surprise that keeping your systems secure is more important than ever.

Malicious Software Attacks Explained

Malicious Software Attacks Explained

Computer users across the globe are becoming increasingly concerned about malicious software attacks – and that too for good reason. Not only are there more different types of malicious software than ever before, but the frequency of attacks, too, has gone up considerably in recent times, resulting in numerous different types of losses.

Avast Review


Avast Secureline VPN is part of a suite of security products offered by Avast to keep you safe online. It is a top-pick when it comes to keeping your data safe.

Keystroke Logging

keystroke logging

Keystroke Logging January 23, 2019 Keystroke logging can lead to identity theft. A good antivirus protection program, such as TotalAV, is the best defense for keeping your system safe. Keystroke logging, sometimes called keyboard capturing, uses software to record every key that is struck on your keyboard. This is usually done secretly so that you … Read more