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Fileless Malware

fileless malware

Fileless malware is a serious online security threat that, unlike other types of malware, doesn’t install on a machine. The malicious code resides only in memory that makes it hard to detect, even for an antivirus program. Protecting a system from the fileless malware requires more than just running scans or updating your antivirus.

Malicious Software Attacks Explained

Malicious Software Attacks Explained

Computer users across the globe are becoming increasingly concerned about malicious software attacks – and that too for good reason. Not only are there more different types of malicious software than ever before, but the frequency of attacks, too, has gone up considerably in recent times, resulting in numerous different types of losses.

How Do Online Virus Scanners Work?

How Do Online Virus Scanners Work

How Do Online Virus Scanners Work? January 23, 2019 Regardless of how much time it’s been since you started using computers or how often you use them, you’re probably aware of the importance of protecting your devices from viruses and other types of malware. Viruses do not only have the potential to render important files … Read more

What Is A Firewall?

what is firewall

What Is A Firewall? January 23, 2019 While many of us would agree that the Internet is something that we can no longer live without in our lives, it also poses a certain number of risks. Hackers are out there actively trying to break into your system and steal your personal information, just as they … Read more

Keystroke Logging

keystroke logging

Keystroke Logging January 23, 2019 Keystroke logging can lead to identity theft. A good antivirus protection program, such as TotalAV, is the best defense for keeping your system safe. Keystroke logging, sometimes called keyboard capturing, uses software to record every key that is struck on your keyboard. This is usually done secretly so that you … Read more

Creating Strong Passwords

Creating a strong password

Creating Strong Passwords January 23, 2019 Every day, it seems like you read another new story about a big data breach where millions of identities were stolen. If you have not been one of them, you are lucky.  Online security should be everyone’s top concern, whether you use the Internet for work or for play. … Read more